Rescue road in Do Luong district - Nghe An province

Posted on: 8/28/2014 3:08:29 PM

The road to avoid flood, rescue and rescue in Hong Son commune, Do Luong district (Nghe An) 7 km long, with a total investment of nearly 50 billion from the Government. The project was assigned to the People's Committee of Do Luong district as an investor, a joint venture of VILACONIC Joint Stock Company and Viet-Lao Joint Stock Company for Economic Cooperation.

Despite concerns about capital without compensation to the people but for the moment, the basic items have been completed and online.

We can say, this is an important arterial roads in the rainy season, creating opportunities for local people to avoid the damage caused by flooding, opening the way to economic development - society. Anh Tran Van Ty - Head of Agriculture Hong Son commune, Luong district, said: "Hong Son commune is situated on the banks of the left bank of the river close to Lam rain upstream as to how many, countries in the region as rising Hong Son commune this much larger, isolated people, many who lost their lives while going through flooded roads. Society is forever rising flood, most people here are born to swim to save themselves and save distress. therefore the State builds roads flood, rescuing victims, the people here are sympathy and support. because this is an important route, not only for people to go back, avoid flooding during the rainy season but also easy to trade between other social advantages."


Road Hong Son flood uncompensated still under construction by the consent of the people.


For the construction of this road, Hong Son commune early planning propaganda, demonstrations, lobbying and households living along the land route observance, not newly expanded house, illegally planted and create favorable conditions for the work to be carried out strictly according to schedule. But to create a consensus among the people is not a simple matter, because not everyone can accept simply hand over the money without receiving compensation. By his propaganda and mobilization, should explain the households where the route runs through agreeing to hand over the work to be carried out on schedule. Hundreds of families despite not receiving compensation still willing to give ground, enabling investors clearance, the construction of roads.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong, Hong Son commune people said: "There are roads running through helping our people travel during the rainy season is happy her children. Houses though I have not received compensation but also willing unit to carry out the road construction. here, not only my family but other families as such, ready to create all conditions for work to be completed soon."

According to Le Van Thu - Head of Industry and Trade Luong district says this project to unpaid compensation and ground clearance due to people not on the level of funding. But the people have to hand over construction units, thus, two flood seasons past, the people travel convenience and safety. The population has not received compensation for land clearance for construction works to serve the needs of economic development - local society is not always done well. While in some communes in the district against the state still hand over the pending compensation, then Hong Son commune have done this work. This is very good work should extend to the local project.

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